Legacy RR Brands announces appointment of Shawn Ripley to Legacy’s advisory board

Kelowna, British ColumbiaOctober 30, 2019 – LegacyRR Brands Inc. by Ross Rebagliati (“Legacy” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn Ripley to Legacy’s Advisory Board.

Legacy and Ripley have been working together since 2018 and this announcement of appointment indicates future opportunity for Legacy in building of its fully vertical, seed-to-sale cannabis brand.

Shawn Ripley is a proven business leader with over twenty-five years of business building insight and has an incredibly sound understanding of the global cannabis industry. He worked with Sundial Growers, holding a QAP (Quality Assurance Personnel) position, and was key to the company achieving its license. As founder of EFX Laboratories, Ripley was the science partner to Broken Coast Cannabis and is currently the Chief Product Officer with Habitat Craft Cannabis. Ripley is the former VP of Chemistry, VP of Marketing and Director of Business Development at AGAT Laboratories, Canada’s largest commercial lab. As well, Ripley held an esteemed board position with the Calgary City Planning Commission for three terms. Ripley is currently a Strategic Advisor with several global organizations.

“Ripley’s business experience and connections are invaluable to Legacy’s advancement in building a top performing vertically integrated cannabis company. He offers great insight and has deep knowledge in standard LP, craft and micro-grow models” said Ross Rebagliati, founder and CEO of Legacy. “We are so grateful to have Shawn along for the ride, guiding behind the scenes”.

“I’m super excited to be working with someone who has very publicly supported the cannabis movement” said Ripley of working with Ross and Legacy. “For decades, Ross has been an unwavering ambassador for quality, safety and access – long before a single “pot stock” was sold”.

About Legacy RR Brands: Legacy is a vertically integrated cannabis retail company developing a premium retail product and store brand. Legacy is built by athletes and backed by the strong business foundation required for global success.

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Lindsay Hill

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