The Gold Standard

Legacy is leading the way.

Legacy is Levelling 

The Cannabis 

Playing Field

From the moment of our corporate launch in BC, Canada, Legacy is set for global success. Our team’s deep regulated retail and compliance experience has a proven track record of over 50 regulated retail site launches. Legacy’s “for athletes, by athletes” concept is setting the gold standard for cannabis retail companies and our founder, Olympian, activist and extreme sport enthusiast, Ross Rebagliati is world renowned.

For Athletes, By Athletes

  • Team of Athletes
  • Recreational Apparel
  • Athletes 4 Care Ambassadors
  • Performance Support
  • Leveraging Athletic Connections 


  • Launching Globally (NA/Europe/Japan)
  • Global Movement
  • Global Leader In Cannabis Retail For Recreation/Athlete World
  • Broad Brand Appeal

Regulated Retail Experts

  • Deep Experience
  • Municipal & Community Involvement
  • Fully Integrated Retail
  • Gold Standard Products
  • Customer Experience

Home Grown

  • Ross’ BC Best
  • Grow Line, for more than cannabis
  • Local Advocacy
  • Educators & Home Growers
  • Corporate Launch in BC, Canada

Our Brands

We believe that cannabis is part of living a healthy lifestyle – period. Our team lives it, we breathe it … and we sleep it. We feel the calm, the strength, the creativity and the concentration that it provides. Since 1998 when our legacy began, we have used the healthful properties of cannabis to benefit us.

Share in our story.

See the Legacy unfold.

News Release

Legacy Announces Appointment Of Shawn Ripley

Kelowna, British Columbia – October 30, 2019 – LegacyRR Brands Inc. by Ross Rebagliati (“Legacy” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment of…
News Release

Legacy Announces Merger, Set For Global Launch

Kelowna, British Columbia – September 24, 2019 – LegacyRR Brands Inc. by Ross Rebagliati (“Legacy” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce a “share swap”…
From the President

Merge, partner… or go it alone?

Have you ever partnered with someone who initially checks off all the criteria boxes needed to launch and be successful, and then over time (in…

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