Express Retail

Building of a superior cannabis retail brand.

An emerging BC-based cannabis company developing a premium express retail store brand.

Through direct community engagement and licensed and regulated channels, we seek to provide a comfortable, friendly, safe and informative retail cannabis experience for customers of every experience level. We are committed to a “best practices” corporate approach and will strive to continually develop and improve methods, execution, training and approach.

Clean. West Coast. Express Service. A new retail cannabis experience for the Canadian consumer. With clean, contemporary lines, minimalist West Coast “rustic” product display cases and a custom check-out counter, our retail locations are planned to provide a premium experience for every level of consumer.

Retail Launch

Launch and Succeed

With Canadian legalization of recreational cannabis, “first to market” retail cannabis stores have launched and are proving if they will survive this challenging retail market. As this is a new and highly regulated industry, there is no “how to” retail cannabis roll-out manual or playbook available to retail cannabis operations developers. Bricks + Bloom Cannabis will capitalize on its significant regulated medical retail development and launch experience to develop, build and launch multiple mid/small market (<150,000) retail cannabis stores in British Columbia.

Interior Aesthetic

Contemporary clean white lines w/ white custom “rustic” secure product display cases. Neutral Italian floor tile transitioning to distressed hardwood. Reclaimed brick feature wall.

Lighting & Sound

Recessed ceiling LED pot & spot lights are strategically placed and customized to provide various soft and direct lighting experiences throughout the store. Soft jazz/easy listening music to enhance in-store shopping experience.

Exterior Aesthetic

To the extent possible, and keeping with a retail (bricks & mortar) meets agriculture theme, the store face will be re-surfaced in reclaimed brick. Per regulatory compliance, all windows are glazed(and colour-tinted).


Per regulatory compliance, 24/7 all points of entry & exit will have strategically placed security monitors, tied in to the main monitoring system. Activity recorded continuously in 30-day cycle.

Express Format

Clean, comfortable and customer centric. Our express retail model will serve customers efficiently in our express retail footprint of between 700-1000 sq. ft.


Across all stores, our customers and neighbours will be comforted by the same look, feel, product and in-store customer experience.