The Legacy Spirit

This is the story of Ross and building of a Legacy.

From Whistler to Nagano and back again... our story begins in 1998 with a mighty win and coverage around the world.

Ross Rebagliati, 1998 Men’s Snowboarding Olympic Gold Medal. Twenty years ago, Ross brought the highest level of sport and cannabis use in the same spotlight. At that moment, a Legacy was born. Today, Legacy stands for a growing lifestyle and a community of both high level and everyday athletes who are focused on living their best life.

Featured in press and news coverage from around the world, Ross is an international icon with international appeal in both sport and cannabis circles... and beyond.

No. 1: Our Culture

A Growing Lifestyle

Legacy’s culture was born through sport and athletic competition at its highest levels. As former professional athletes, our leaders know what it takes to be at the top and stay at the top. Legacy’s culture reflects this in establishing an environment of accountability, focus, team work, trust, execution and fun!

We believe that cannabis is part of living a healthy lifestyle – period. Our team lives it, we breathe it … and we sleep it.

No. 2: Our Vision

Building Of A Legacy

Driven by our corporate leaders’ “for athletes, by athletes” health and recreation message,  Legacy’s mission is to become the integrated retail leader in the global cannabis space. Starting in Canada, with a 3-phase global launch that will see Legacy in Europe, Asia and the US, Legacy’s approach is one of advocacy, purpose, knowledge, deep experience and athletic energy. Legacy is the gold standard when it comes to introducing the world to the synergies of cannabis, sport, recreation and healthy living.

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